Saturday, May 20, 2006

blog with radiohead cover songs and more

Hello Boys

I created an another blog.
You should check it out it features music, drawings and a story
Let me know what you guys think about it

I m trying to export everyhing on this blog... guess it just takes a litlle bit of time

Peace out just as J.D (Zach braff) used to say in the sitcom scrubs
Love scrubs...All intern or med students should check it out

Peace and Love

Pearl Jam

A small Post about Pearl Jam is always enjoyable;

I just wanted you people to know, that Pearl Jam's latest record is a masterpiece.
You have everything from Vitalogy, Yield and Riot Act in the tracklisting.
Should be a hit for the fans and for the record company.

Anyway just so you know. I also discovered tracks perform by eddie Vedder alone during a promotion for president candidat Ralph Nader back in 2003 called "i'm a Patriot". He also performed "the times they are a changing" from our Boby. Great acoustic set by Eddie Vedder. Hopefully i'll put all those videos and songs very soon plus many more.

Take care

Peace and Love




Just writing my first post to celebrate the hollidays..
My blog is currently in construction. Soon you will be able to find music, videos, stories, drawings and many more...
So keep checking in for updates.

Peace and Love